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It's hard to imagine how a church could function without Wanda. Most of what she does is never seen by others, but is so important in keeping First Baptist running. Duties include all bookkeeping and secretarial  work such as typing letters, bulletins and newsletters. In addition, Wanda trains the office volunteers, answers many phone calls and is usually the Church's first contact with non-members. Wanda is married to Kirk and has three children and nine grandchildren.


Janice Darnell, Pianist 


Ricky Burnett

A facility such as ours requires a lot of tender, loving care to keep it's sparkling appearance. Ricky is the person we can all thank for the job he is doing in maintaining our beautiful facility. When we walk into a clean, well-maintained Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, our Sunday School rooms, or any other area of our Church, it is Ricky we have to thank. I hope you will stop by to thank him and let him know what a wonderful job he is doing.

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