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Cubbies club is a two-year preschool program, which encourages parental participation. Designed for the two years prior to kindergarten, Cubbies includes a cute character named Cubbie Bear who encourages children as they achieve in their handbooks. The handbook (Appleseed) provide bible memorization curriculum and stimulating activities as well as reinforcing popular preschool concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Our curriculum is brand new this year.

Sparks club is designed for children in regular kindergarten through second grade, sparks includes a fun firefly character named sparky who encourages and motivates children through handbook achievements. The three handbooks provide bible memorization curriculum and other bible centered activities.

Truth and Training  The Truth & Training club for third and fourth graders uses green casual uniforms with awards. Handbooks provide a variety of Bible memorization and other Bible-centered achievements. Characters in the handbook study outer space, spend the summer on the beach, act in a video set in Israel and go on a great outdoors vacation.

T & T Ultimate Challenge  This is a distinct club that is part of our Awana program. Our 5th grade students in our Awana club have their own mission—The Ultimate Challenge. New uniforms distinguish this group from our other clubbers, and a new challenges rise to push our preteens farther and deeper in their faith. These students will memorize scripture while facing 16 distinct challenges. No longer your little brother’s Awana, the Ultimate Challenge is just for preteens!

The anonym AWANA comes from the first letters Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed (2 Tim. 2:15) AWANA strongly emphasizes memorizing scripture and is a wonderful tool that helps reach our children for Christ. Our AWANA clubs meet every Wednesday night at 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm. We have music, time, game time, council time and handbook time. The children can earn AWANA BUCS, which they can spend in the AWANA store. 



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