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Dr. Jim Gaines

Dr. Jim Gaines, Senior Pastor

Everybody wants to belong to a place where they feel loved and accepted. We all want a place where everybody knows our name. As I visualize this great congregation, I am amazed at our memberís love and devotion to the Lord and to each other. Each of us comes from a life of varied experiences, but God has called us together to be First Baptist Church of Dawsonville. Each member represents a piece of the puzzle that God is putting together here. Each person represents a set of talents and spiritual gifts that God has called to ministry. Each face represents a soul that was so important to Christ that He gave His life for that person.

In the past three years, God has multiplied our membership in a dramatic fashion. I am confident that as we continue with the vision that God has given us, He will continue His blessings. We are excited about our new state of the art Worship Center and all the opportunities it will provide. Now we have begun the task of multiplying our ministries and building the Kingdom of God in our area.

Without a doubt, it is our unity and warm fellowship in the Lord that makes our congregation so unique. We have one purpose and one vision from the Lord and that is to reach our community and area for Jesus Christ. Our church family would love to partner with you if you do not have a church home to grow spiritually. We would love to not only know your name but also to get to know you.

Dr. Jim Gaines

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