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Intercessory Prayer

What is an intercessory prayer chain?

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying or petitioning God on behalf of another person, or a group of people. An intercessory prayer prayer chain is made up of people willing to stop what they are doing to offer an immediate prayer on behalf of someone who has a crisis or emergency. It enables many people to pray quickly and simultaneously for a specific need. When everyone is praying at the same time for the same request, there is tremendous power in prayer.

Who can use the intercessory prayer chains?

It is available to anyone - you do not have to be a member of First Baptist Church of Dawsonville to ask for intercessory prayer. If you, your family, a neighbor or anyone you know has an crisis situation in which they need as many people as possible praying as quickly as possible, the intercessory prayer chain is a great way of sending a prayer request to many people at once. You make one phone call, and the prayer chain coordinator passes this request to all teams. Within thirty minutes your prayer request is circulating through the teams, and many people are praying for your request.

How is it different from the prayer requests included in the church bulletin, or mentioned in the weekly Wednesday night prayer service?

The intercessory prayer chain is to be used for emergency situations. In the event of an emergency situation in which there is a extreme need for immediate prayer, you want as many people as possible lifting up that situation to God. Examples: a car accident, a critically ill child, or any number of situations that you feel need immediate prayer. Non-emergency prayer needs, such as an impending surgery, scheduled medical tests, severe/chronic health problems, etc., will be addressed in our regular Wednesday night prayer services.

How do I use the intercessory prayer chain?

It's very simple - just call the church office during regular church office hours, or contact the Intercessory Prayer Chain coordiator listed in the church bulletin after church office hours. In an crisis situation, the quicker you get the information to us, the better. Just make us aware of your prayer need, and our teams will take it from there.

Church Members should call the church office for prayer needs.
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