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The world provides us with many mixed messages every hour of every day, but God provides His Word so that we might have a clear connection to His Throne. Join us as Dr. Gaines presents a message directly from the Scriptures each week. Even if you missed church this Sunday, you have the ability to hear the Word through the miracle of modern technology! Please click on any of the links below to view and hear Dr. Gaines' messages of life-changing hope through belief in Jesus Christ.  
  All of Dr. Gaines' sermons may be seen by clicking this link.

Series: "Habakkuk"
July 26, 2015 "Why Is God So Confusing"

August 2, 2015 "Is It Ok To Question God?"  

August 9, 2015 "Faith Living In Desperate Times"  

August 16, 2015 "Whose Side Are You On?" 

August 23, 2015 "Finding God's Plan" Rev. Sam Reed, Youth Pastor 

September 20, 2015 "Love Forgets" 

September 27, 2015 "Never Stop Loving" 

October 11, 2015  "Wilderness Travel"  

October 18, 2015 "Grieving The Spirit" 

November 8, 2015 "Finding Your Passion Again"

July 19, 2015 "Come and Dine"
Rev. Sam Reed, Youth Pastor


May 3, 2015 "Thirsty Education"    

May 10, 2015 "Empty Barrel"  

May 24, 2015 "Death to Life"  

May 31, 2015 "Hard Time In The Mountains" 

June 7, 2015 "Manitou vs Baal"  

June 14, 2015 "Dark Times"  

June 21, 2015 "Run Elijah, Run"  

June 28, 2015 "Leaving It All Behind"  

July 5, 2015 "Rendezvous With Our Sins"  

July 12, 2015 "Where Is God When You Need Him?"

Archived sermon videos may be seen here.

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